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SRHM Photos

My family has such an addiction to taking pictures… my mom was so sweet and instagramed all day long.  Here are a few more pics from Sunday.

1.Tom Foolery at the starting line.  Have you ever seen the movie “Center Stage”?!  There’s a part where a dance teacher says “Forget about the choreography, just dance the shit out of it!!”  We were discussing the miles and that’s exactly how I felt.  Forget about the miles, just run the shit out of it!  

2. Me and E hangin out before the race started.

3. Me running by at mile 2.  So happy and pain free.

4. Dropping off my shirt at mile 4.  It got so humid so fast.

5. Feet from the finish line!  

Thanks mom!

xo Punkie

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Team Punkie


               Just after crossing the Finish Line, with TEAM PUNKIE!

So yesterday was the Steel Rail Half Marathon.  I had such a great time.  The course was on an old rail trail that offered some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen.  The course twisted through the woods along the river and around lakes.  The views were great but the best part of the race was my amazing family that came to support me.  They called themselves TEAM PUNKIE!  I have never had a cheering squad quite like this.  They appeared throughout the course, at nearly every 2 miles.  They said it was a blast hopping in and out of cars, racing to the next checkpoint.  I think it was mile 7, they high-fived me and I hear my mom yell “Quick, GET TO THE CARS!”   I’ll have more pictures later and will talk more in-depth about the race itself.  This is just to say how lucky I felt and how much I love my family and E.  Sadly my mom isn’t in this picture.

Thanks guys! 

xo Punkie

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imageMy biggest downfall is how easily I let myself lose site of proper nutrition.  I mean, what is that about?!  The last few days, I have eaten almost nothing and when I have, it’s been candy.  LAME!  With just five days until my half marathon I needed to make some serious changes.  Today I had an amazing massage, which finally diminished the pain I have been in and then went grocery shopping… it’s been a while…  Then tonight, I made this wonderful meal!

 Why do I sometimes forget how fun it is to take care of myself?  As Everett says, gotta feed the machine!  

xo Punkie 

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A Day Filled with Emotions

I kept searching for a photo for this post, but nothing seemed right.  Today, was a hard day.  

My family is extremely close.  Not just me and my siblings, but my aunts, uncles, cousins, step cousins and my grandparents.  Our lives revolve around each other.  I think this is one of the best things in my life.

My grandfather, who is 83 and hasn’t been sick a day in his life, hasn’t been feeling well the last few weeks.  Yesterday he was in so much pain that my mom brought him to the ER.  Today my family found out that he has stage 4 cancer.  I’m in utter shock.  He is so cool and funny and even in the hospital today he was so sweet and brave and behaved as if nothing was wrong. 

My plan for 11 miles was put aside, because my immediate family went to the hospital for a bit and then just spent time together.  Talking and loving each other and holding hands.

I try never to bring spirituality in to things… But tonight, when I finally got home and as the sun was setting I went for a run.  Over the course of 8 miles I cried and prayed and breathed.  My grandfather has such a strong faith that I just spoke out loud while running and pleaded that he not be in pain and that my heart be open.

I am trying to be positive and to not allow myself to feel as though I am the first person to have gone through something like this.  

As sad as today was, there were also good things about it.  My sister, who lives in Boston and I had a few hours alone together to catch up and talk in the way only sisters can. I was able to see my niece and snuggle her and watch Disney movies with her.  She’s so darn cute and sweet.

It’s also 10 month’s since E and I went on our first date.  I feel so lucky to have such a happy and supportive relationship.

My head is sort of swirling.  

Time to sleep.


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And Here Come the Nerves…

So the Steel Rail half is next Sunday and my nervousness is setting in tonight.  I know I am so much more prepared than last time and there is nothing to worry about, but all of a sudden, tonight, right now, while sitting in bed (that’s me above, writing…) I am sort of panicking.  Last week I wasn’t able to run at all and this week I have run only 6 miles and tomorrow I aim to run 11 miles, but the weather calls for thunderstorms.  Typically I’d say that I’d push the long run off till Sunday, but I am working on Sunday and waiting until Monday makes me a tad nervous.  Can I run 11 miles only 6 days before my race?!  I am totally freaking out!  

I guess this post is just a bit of a nervous freakout… hopefully it wont rain in the morning and I can get my milage in.  Don’t get me wrong, rain doesn’t scare me, but lightening, sorry, not happening.

Can you guys do a REVERSE rain dance for me?  At least until 1pm.

xo Punkie  

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Work it Out


After my 9miler last Sunday I was boarder-line sick all week.  I drank gallons of Emergen-C and did nothing strenuous.  I knew that if I took one wrong step it’d be full-blown flu for me.  In this last week I totally lost my endurance.  Monday I finally ran again.  I did 3 miles and they felt terrible.  After a week of laziness and Monday being so hard, I put off running yesterday and today I happily let myself get distracted with other things.  Knowing that I needed to run- my race is only 11 days away- E suggested I go to his house and run the 5K loop.  I stood at the end of his driveway pouting and saying “I just don’t want to.  I really just don’t want to.”  Being the fantastic man he is and knowing me as well as he does, he was like “Get on with it, you’ll be so happy you did”.  He was right!  Despite my bratty attitude and the humidity my times were sorta baller!  The 5K loop provides HILLS.  Depending on which direction you run it you can either finish with the last 3/10 of a mile on a pretty brutal up hill or done in the opposite direction the last mile is all rolling hills.  Tonight I ran it in the second direction and was so pumped to see my times despite all the gradient changes.  My mile times are as follows 9:42, 9:07, 9:06.  Considering that I was able to improve my time each mile, even while running hills made me really happy!

When I got home, proud, sweaty and starving, E had a delicious and super healthy dinner waiting for me!  He’s so great! 

I’m glad I was able to get past my brattiness and go for a run!  


xo Punkie 

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A Year Ago

                       This is me and my man 1 year ago!  

I bought an ice coffee this morning and the sun is shining and it reminded me of when I first moved here.  Next week is 1 year in Hudson and a lot of good things have happened in the last 12 months.  Last May I made some big changes in my life.  I decided to take a break from running- something I always loved, but used as a negative escape from my anxiety.  This summer I am healthier and happier than I ever thought possible and I’m so glad to be running again.

 I can’t wait to see the adventures this summer is sure to bring! 

xo Punkie

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At the Top of My List


Today while my students were taking an exam (I’m a high school French teacher), I contemplated what my running goals are.  My half is only 18 days away and I have begun to analyze my pace and seriously consider how fast I think I can finish.  Then the big question, what next??

here are some things that made it on to my list:

1) I would like to Finish The Steel Rail Half in 2 hours 3 minutes and 30 seconds.  My last half I did in 2h9m.  This would mean an average pace of 9:30/mile… I will do some serious evaluation this week.

2) Could I run 100 miles in a month?!?

3) Could I run a 5K in 25 minutes?  Right now I am at 27 minutes and change… so perhaps I could learn to push it in shorter distances.

4) How about a sub 53 minute 10K? Now at 56 minutes and change.

5) lastly, what I want the most is a sub 2hour half.  That would just be incredible. 

It felt great to write these down.  Also, extremely scary to admit my goal is 2h3m30.  I always feel ashamed and weird when I don’t reach a goal.  Maybe that’s something I have to get over.  

Let the 18 day count down begin!  

what are your goals?! 

xo Punkie 

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The First Strong-Sun Run


This photo doesn’t even show the severity of it, but I burned like crazy today… my poor arms, shoulders and chest are soooo sore!  I hate when I make irresponsible-rookie mistakes.  UUUH.  Oh well, I guess it is the first really nice day out and I just hadn’t thought about it.  At least I know better for this up coming week!

A few non-running side notes… I am loving my hair lately.  Two weeks ago I decided to stop using styling product and now it is so soft and the curls are perfect.  Plus with all this running it’s growing like mad!!  And, this dress is one of the first in my Spring line of dresses.  My first market is May 31st… I’ve been spending a lot of time at my sewing machine this last week and it feels great!  

Oh, also, 22 miles this week.  Not too bad.  

Sleep tight all

xo Punkie  

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